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The Foundlings: The Foundling (Book II)

The second book is the sequel to the first, and picks up the story ten years after the main events in Janus.  The main character in this book, however, is a friend of Bah'dur's named Subodha Nikku.  He is a character in the first book, as well, but the focus has shifted slightly.  The war is still going on, but now the Foundlings have extended an offer of peace.  The CASS leadership is skeptical.


Djaan Das Blog


The Foundling War

 The tide of battle has turned against the CASS since the loss of Djaan Das.  More systems are falling to the mysterious invaders, and CASSCOM grows increasingly concerned about the possibility of defeat after more than a century resisting the shadowy aggressors.

Ambassador Ak

Mysteriously, the Foundlings now seek peace.  CASSCOM has sent Djaan Nikku to meet with their Ambassador to determine their true intentions, and to discover at last the face of their enemy.


It will be up to Djaan Nikku to uncover the truth about the Foundlings, for he may be forced to choose between a brother and the fate of his own people.



I'm up to Chapter 20  out of 23 in the rough draft.  I'm working my way through the rest of the draft this summer.  It might see the light of day by the end of the year!

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