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Buffalo State College

Databases and the Data Science Information Life Cycle, DSA 610


Course Description (from the College):  Introduction to a “big picture” understanding of data flow for strategic, data-driven decision making, including data storage, data organization, data gathering and preparation, exploratory data analysis, and meaningful visualizations and communication. Includes hands-on practice.. (3 credits)


Syllabus -- in Word format


Important Dates
Final Project -- Due Monday, May 10th

more detailed schedule in the syllabus

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Answer Keys

Homeworks to be Turned in

Homework #1 -- Data
Homework #2 -- Data
Homework #3
Homework #4 -- Data
Homework #5 -- Data
Homework #6 -- Data
Homework #7 -- Data
Homework #8 -- Data
Homework #9 -- Data


Practice Labs & Class Notes

2/1 N E J E 2/8 N E J C T E
  2/22  J N E



Project #1 -- Data
Project #2 -- Data
Project #3 -- Data
Final Project -- Data set options posted in Blackboard








Data Lifecycle
Data Lifecycle Management
The Lifecycle of Data
16-Step Lifecycle
Data Lifecycle, Best Practices
Data Lifecycle Management (DLM)
Data Analytics Lifecycle
Data Protection and Information Lifecycle Management
The Data Science Lifecycle

Excel Easy
Data Analysis in Excel
Excel 2016+
Microsoft Excel Video Training

SQL Tutorial
Learn SQL
SQL Basics for Beginners
SQLite Tutorial
Beginners' Guide to SQLite
SQL Query Cheet Sheet
SQL Tutorial
SQL Tutorial for Beginners
Interactive SQL Course

10+ Free Python Books
Python for Beginners
Learn Python
Which Library should I use for my Python Dashboard?
Best Python Data Visualization Libraries

Big Data: How is it generated?
Data Capture
Data Classification
Types of Data Classification
Data Classification
Ethics of Data Collection
The Murky Ethics of Data Gathering in a Post-Cambridge Analytica World
What is Data Validation?
Data Privacy
5 Things to Know about Data Privacy

Data Storage
Data Storage: Emerging Technologies
Data Lakes vs. Data Warehouses
Data Security
Most Common Passwords
Spreadsheets vs. Databases
Relational Databases
Definition and Overview of ODBMS
Object-Oriented Databases and Advantages

JSON Databases
JSON Interchange Standard
What is JSON?
Importing XML into Pandas

Data Maintenance vs. Data Cleansing
Tips to Maintaining Your Data
Data Management
History of Data Management
Data Management: A Cheat Sheet

Stats NZ
Public Datasets (List of Sources)

Color Brewer (for maps)
Color Brewer for Python

PDF Graph Paper
I Will Derive song
How to draw Greek
Free Online Math Courses



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