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TI-83 Calculator Instructions

This pages contain images of a TI-83 calculator instruction manual.  You do not need to read all the pages if the class you are taking does not cover the specific topic indicated.  A topic that starts on one page, may continue onto the next.  Be aware that if you are on a slow connection, these pages contain images which are rather large and may take some time to download.

Page 1 -- Scatter plots, sizing the window
Page 2 -- more scatter plots, introduction to graphing functions
Page 3 -- windows, finding appropriate windows
Page 4 -- domain of functions, graphs of non-functions
Page 5 -- range, finding average rate of change
Page 6 -- adjusting the window, piecewise functions
Page 7 -- alternate graphing method for piecewise functions, finding intersection points
Page 8 -- power functions, odd power functions, even power functions
Page 9 -- power regression, negative integer exponents (rational functions)
Page 10 -- quadratic and polynomial functions, finding the vertex of a quadratic function
Page 11 -- vertex form of quadratic functions, appropriate windows, complete graphs
Page 12 -- polynomial functions, definition of e


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