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Statistics I -- MATH 324


Course Description (from the College): An introduction to descriptive and inferential statistics with emphasis on applications in health sciences, marketing, finance, and political science. Students will explore commonly used descriptive and inferential statistical techniques; and learn how to apply these techniques using the computer software R and interpret the corresponding results. Topics will include: basic descriptive statistics, basic probability, sampling distributions, inferential statistics, and parametric and non-parametric tests of association.
Prerequisite: MTH 144, CSC201, and CSC212.


Syllabus/Syllabus -- in Word format
Final Project Directions


Important Dates
Exam I Part 1/Part 2/Data -- Thursday, September 29th key/practice exam
Exam II Part 1/Part 2/Data -- Thursday, November 10th key/practice exam
Final Exam Part 1/Part 2/Data -- Tuesday, December 13th at 4 p.m. key/final supplement practice

see the syllabus for a more detailed calendar

Email List

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Math Adjunct Office
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My Daemen email:
Office hours: see syllabus
MyOpenMath: Course ID:  144726, Enrollment Key: mccall_324_fall_2022



Homework #1
Homework #2
Homework #3
Homework #4
Homework #5
Homework #6
Homework #7
Homework #8


(data files are in .xlsx format)
Instructions for Completing & Submitting Labs

Lab #1 docx pdf
Lab #2 docx pdf Data/Data
Lab #3 docx pdf
Lab #4 docx pdf
Lab #5 docx pdf
Lab #6 docx pdf
Lab #7 docx pdf Data
Lab #8 docx pdf Data
Lab #9 docx pdf
Lab #10 docx pdf Data
Lab #11 docx pdf

Tutorial Directions

Journal Directions

Lecture Notes

9/6 N 9/8 N
9/13 N 9/15 N
9/20 N 9/22 N
9/27 N  
10/4 N 10/6 N
  10/13 N
10/18 N 10/20 N
10/25 N 10/27 N
11/1 N 11/3 N
11/8 N  
11/15 N 11/17 N E C
11/22 N  
11/29 N 12/1 N
12/6 N 12/8 N

R Tutorials:

Bar Graphs (base R)
Boxplot (base R)
Dotplots (base R)
Histogram (base R)
Normal Distribution shaded between two values (base R)
Normal Probability Plots (base R)
Scatterplots with Trendlines and Residual Graphs (base R)



MLE exercise -- key
Maximum Likelihood Functions (pdf) -- key
Which Test is This? (pdf)
Venn Diagrams and Set Notation (pdf)
Ven Diagrams and Probability (pdf)


Answer Keys

Quiz #1 -- key
Quiz #2 -- key
Quiz #3 -- key
Quiz #4 -- key
Quiz #5 -- key
Quiz #6 -- key/key
Quiz #7 -- key/key/data/data
Quiz #8 -- key/key
Quiz #9 -- key/key
Quiz #10 -- key


Tutorials on Advanced Stats and Machine Learning With R
Applied Statistics with R (textbook)
Intermediate Statistics with R (textbook)
Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences, Jay. L. Devore, 8th ed. (textbook)
Introductory Statistics (textbook)
Practical Statistics for Data Scientists (textbook)
Online Statistics Book (textbook)
A Little Book of Time Series Analysis for R (textbook)
A Course in Time Series Analysis (textbook/notes)
Introduction to Probability for Data Science (textbook)
Friedman's ANOVA Test
How to Perform Friedman's Test in R
Kendall's Tau
Calculating Kendall's Rank Correlation in R
Introduction to Bootstrapping (Statistics by Jim)
Boostrapping in R
Tutorial on Permutation Tests in R
How to use Permuation Tests
Understanding AUC-ROC Curves
Some Packages for ROC Curves
Time Series Analysis in R
Getting Started with Multiple Imputation in R
Basic Statistics Using R
Learning Statistics with R
Statistics with R (Table of Contents)
Stats and R
Intro to Hypothesis Testing in R
R-Tutorial: An R Introduction to Statistics
Tidy Modeling with R
R Cheatsheets
Free Web Books for Learning (Statistics) with R
Easier ggplot with ggcharts
R Color Brewer's Palettes
Markdown Cheat Sheet
Cubic and Smoothing Splines in R
B-Spline Basis for Polynomial Splines

R Project
R Studio
Using R with Anaconda



PDF Graph Paper
Bad Graphs (Convention Speeches)
Visualizing Data Badly: 8 Examples
Correlation is not Causation: orginal article / handout
Presidents by State
TI-Connect Software
How much people lie on surveys
On the Hazards of Significance Testing
Exploring Correlation and Regression
Central Limit Theorem: with Bunnies and Dragons
SOCR: Statistics Online Computational Resources
How Many Ways Can You Arrange a Deck of Cards?
Free Online Math Courses
Confidence Interval for Rho
Free Courses from Coursera

Other Statistics courses



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