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I am an atheist.  To be more precise, for definitions of god that are not logically, internally contradictory, I am an agnostic atheist.  Sadly, however, most modern definitions of god are logically, internally contradictory.  I came out as an atheist, even to myself, in my late teens.  While there are some small things about religion that I do miss, the vast majority of it I am happy to have escaped.  My perspective on atheism continues to change slowly over time, but my skeptical perspective on gods remains.  However, for the curious, I did actually come up with a scenario, which in my own mind, would be sufficient conditions to demonstrate that there probably was a god... however, as long as "god" continues to act in "mysterious ways", my conditions will likely remain satisfied.

While atheism is not the necessary outcome of philosophy (at least, so it appears), atheism, while just one aspect of my personal philosophy, is nonetheless central to it. Born of questioning, and rooted in knowledge and critical thinking, my atheism is the logical consequence of a personal philosophy of facing sometimes hard truths.  Would it be nice to think there was always someone who cared about me and was looking out for me?  Would it be nice to believe that I could live after the inevitable death of the body?  Sure it would.  But wishing does not make it so.

What you will find here are some links to my blog, Atheist in a (Metaphorical) Foxhole, as well as some other things I work on related to atheism in the right margin, for instance, my novel Janus, lacking any references to god.  I also have other links here for various useful websites that I want to find again, some organizations I belong to, and so forth.  As time goes on, I may also add links to other papers I write, and so forth.  For additional, (relatively) frequently updated content, you'll want to check out the blog.


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140+ Favourite Atheist Books Comments Feed

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Intelligence Squared - Atheism is the new fundamentalism (debate)

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New Testament

Secular Coalition for America: Atheists. Humanists. Freethinkers. AMERICANS.

Effort Sisyphus - Atheist Charities

The 50 Most Brilliant Atheists of All Time

The Cleveland Freethinkers (Cleveland, OH) -

The Reason Project: A Non-Profit Dedicated to Reason

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Atheist in a (Metaphorical) Foxhole 


κατα της τελευτης: A Dialogue on Plato's Conception of the Afterlife

A Question of God 

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